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Blackbeard was the only mynah among the seven birds trained by John Silver to speak the clues that led to the hidden painting that was smuggled by Silver. Blackbeard was sold to an unknown customer, but she returned it to Carlos. Its line in the clue was, "I'm Blackbeard the Pirate, and I've buried my treasure where dead men guard it ever. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!" It hinted that the painting was in a graveyard.


After John Silver smuggled the painting of the shepherdess he fled to California and started living in Ramos Sanchez' house. After getting an idea from the picture that was painted over the shepherdess, Silver bought seven parrots with "pretty yellow heads" and seven cages. He then began teaching them their individual riddles.

After Silver had died, Sanchez waited for the "fat man" who Silver said would come. However, the man didn't come, and all the parrots, including Blackbeard, were sold to different people.


After his owner returned him to [Carlos Sanchez, Pete accidentally caused him to fly away, thus, losing him. Somehow, Carlos was able to find him, and gave him to The Three Investigators, who used his capability of echoing all the birds' speech to help them to find the painting.

After the mystery was solved, he was kept by the sleuths.


  • He was probably named after the famous 16th century pirate, Blackbeard, as his riddle said, "I am Blackbeard The Pirate".
  • His speech was Part 3 of the riddle.

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