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Captain Kidd was one of the six parrots that were trained by John Silver to speak the clues that leaded to the hidden painting that was smuggled by Silver, and was owned by an unknown customer. Its line in the clue was, "Look under the stones beyond the bones for the box that has no locks." It meant that the lead pipe cinch was under the pile of stones, which were near the place where the thirteen nameless travellers were buried. To confuse the person, a box with a tight lock was kept, with the note, "Sorry, my dear fellow, but you didn't study your clues well enough."


After John Silver had fled to California after smuggling the painting of the shepherdess, he started living in Ramos Sanchez's house. After getting an idea from the picture that was painted above the shepherdess' painting, Silver bought seven parrots with "pretty yellow heads" and seven cages. He then began teaching them their individual riddles.

After Silver had died, Sanchez waited for the "fat man" who Silver said would come. However, the man didn't come, and all the parrots, including Captain Kidd, were sold to different people.


After Claudius came to know that Sanchez had sold he parrots, and after Sanchez told him the neighbourhood where he had sold them, Claudius was able to buy three parrots, including Captain Kidd. However, the parrot refused to speak.

Some time later, Skinny Norris helped Huganay find the parrots and Claudius, and take them for himself.


  • His speech was Part 6 of the riddle.

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