Fitch was a chauffeur, an employee of the Rent-'n'-Ride Auto Rental Company, a short man with shrewd and inquisitive eyes, and a replacement for Worthington, to drive The Three Investigators when Worthington wasn't available.[1]

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Before becoming a chauffeur, he used to be a bank guard, and had learnt information "about crooks that wasn't worth knowing".

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When Worthington wasn't available to drive the sleuths, the Auto Rental Company sent Fitch as a replacement. Fitch drove Bob and Pete to Scarface's former owner's house, only for the boys to discover that Skinny Norris had already bought him.[2]

Then he drove them to Robin Hood's former owner's house. However, while they had gone to buy the parrot, Claudius phoned the Rolls-Roys sedan's mobile phone, as he had learnt about it while renting his sedan, telling Fitch that he was inside the house, and that the two boys were staying for lunch, and that the sedan wouldn't be needed before lunch. Thinking the lie to be the truth, he left.[3]

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