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John Silver had hidden the painting he had smuggled from London, in a graveyard, whose address was 222 B Baker Street. It was located in the town of Merita Valley, which was to the south of Los Angeles.[1]


When Silver had left Ramos Sanchez's house for three days, he went to the graveyard, and hid the painting inside a lead pipe cinch,[2] which he kept near a pile of stones, which was near the place where thirteen nameless travellers were buried.[3]


After Jupiter Jones solved the first three clues, and found that the painting was in the graveyard, him and Peter Crenshaw went to the graveyard. When they, finally, found the place where the painting was hidden, they were captured by Huganay and his henchmen. Both the sleuths escaped, thanks to Pete finding a lead pipe cinch (in which the painting actually was) and using it to free both of the sleuths. Pete, using his innate superior directional skills, was able to direct Jupiter and himself out of the graveyard, as visibility was very low due to fog.[4]


  • Silver had used three clues to reveal that the painting was in this graveyard. Little Bo-Peep's speech mentioned to "call on Sherlock Holmes". As he (fictiously) lived in Baker Street, the person could deduce that the place was in Baker Street. Billy Shakesphere's speech included "to-to-to be", which could also be put as "222 B". These revealed the address. Blackbeard's speech mentioned a place where "dead men guard it ever", which would, obviously, be a graveyard.[1]


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