Miss Irma Waggoner was one of Malcolm Fentriss' friends, the owner of Little Bo-Peep, and one of The Three Investigators' clients.[1]

History Edit

Three weeks before Billy Shakesphere had gotten lost, Waggoner had bought Little Bo-Peep from a Mexican peddler, and directed him to Fentriss, as she heard Billy quote William Shakesphere.[1]

Plot Edit

The day Jupiter Jones and Peter Crenshaw had gone to Fentriss' house to start their investigations about the whereabouts of Billy, she had gone to the store to buy sunflower seend for Little Bo-Peep. As she was going, she was almost "run down" by a "small, foreign car coming around the corner". While returning after buying the seeds, she "strolled on the way back, enjoying the sunchine, but when she entered her house, she found the door of Bo-Peep's cage open, and Bo-Peep nowhere to be seen. Assuming that she herself had left the cage open and Bo-Peep had flown away, she was hunting in the yard when she was found by the two sleuths.[1]

After the sleuths had found the painting, Claudius had returned Bo-Peep to Waggoner, who had forgiven him for his "crime".[1]

Some time later, her friend, Mrs. Banfry, had heard about the sleuths' finding of her parrot, and contacted them for finding her cat.

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