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The Jones Salvage Yard, previously known as Jones's Junkyard, is a junkyard, owned by Titus and Mathilda Jones, Jupiter Jones' uncle and aunt. Jupiter had persuaded his uncle to change its name from "Jones's Junkyard" to its present one. It initially was a mere junkyard, but eventually, it started handling many items in addition to junk; people came from very far to buy items they could not get anywhere else.[1]

The yard's unusuality was obvious from "as far away as one could see the board fence that surrounded it". Titus Jones had painted it with various colors, which he got as junk, to paint the fence. He was also helped by some of the local artists, as he always gave them some amounts of junk in return, for free. The whole front section was covered with trees, flowers, green lakes, swans, and even an ovean scene. The other sides had several other images. It was, probably, the most colorful junkyard in the country.[1]

The Headquarters was created by artfully arranging various types of junk in the salvage yard.[1]

Hans and Konrad work in the salvage yard, acting as helpers for unloading junk, or as drivers.[1]