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Marc Brandel's original name, Marcus Beresford; was name legally changed during the 1960's. He was born 28 March 1919, in London, England; son of John Davis (a writer) Beresford.

He was educated at St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, 1937-38, and Westminster College, 1939-40 and worked as a writer and as the Chairman of Dover Film Production. However, during Work War II was a Merchant Marine.

Marc later married Ruda Podemska and had three children: Antonia, Vanessa Tara, and Shaena .

Brandel only wrote only four books for the Three Investigator series, with his first book, The Mystery of the Kidnapped Whale and his last one being An Ear for Danger in the Crimebuster Series.

As of 1989 Marc was living in Santa Monica, California.