Olivia Claudius was Claudius' wife, and one of the only people who knew the true meaning behind the parrots' speech.[1]

History Edit

Olivia accompanied her husband when he rushed to California, to find the painting hidden by John Silver.[2]

Plot Edit

She tried to warn, and thus stop The Three Investigators in their investigation using telephone, as she thought that they were working for Huganay.[3]

She, along with her husband, "captured" Bob and Pete and took them to the house they had rented.[4] After being convinced that the two sleuths were not working for Huganay, she made sandwiches for them, as her husband told them everything about the paintings.[5]

She was also present when Huganay located them and stole the parrots, and also took the paper in which the remaining parrots' speeches was written, with the help of Skinny Norris. She later drove the car when the excitement triggered a health problem for her husband, and admitted him to a hospital.[6]

She later returned with her husband to England, along with the painting.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name was only used once to address her. It was used when her husband addressed her to give the parrots to Huganay without resisting.
  • While her first name is known, her husband's first name is unknown. He is called with his last name throughout the book.

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