Ramos Sanchez was a Spanish peddler, and Carlos' uncle, who was very ill.[1]

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 Two years earlier, Ramos Sanchez 

came to California from Mexico, on a cart driven by his donkey, Pablo. Even though he was good at growing flowers, he failed to find a job. Someone told him about about a shack with a broken-down old greenhouse. He rented the shack for five dollars a month, fixing the greenhouse with flattened old tin cans. He grew rare flowers in the greenhouse and used the donkey cart to carry the flowers to the city, where he sold them.[1]

Some time later, a poor and sick man calling himself John Silver came to his house, seeking shelter. Ramos agreed to let him stay. John Silver had a metal box and a sailor's bag containing his clothes. While he stayed at the shack, Silver bought seven birds and started teaching them speeches. After he finished teaching the birds, he went away for three days with his metal box. When he returned, he was even more ill, and didn't have the metal box. After directing Ramos' nephew, Carlos Sanchez, who had come to help his uncle, to mail a letter, he informed them that a fat man would arrive, and that he will give them a thousand dollars for all the seven talking birds. However, the "fat man" didn't arrive to buy the birds, and Ramos sold all of them in order to collect money for Silver's funeral.[1]

Plot Edit

When his nephew had told enough information to the three investigators, and they agreed to take him to his "house" in their Rolls-Roys sedan, Claudius was supposedly trying to force Sanchez to tell the name of the person to whom he had sold Blackbeard. However, Claudius was actually trying to help him, as he was coughing.

He was present when his nephew was narrating all the events regarding John Silver to the three boys, as Sanchez couldn't communicate well in English, and was better in Spanish.

After solving the mystery, Claudius rewarded the sleuths with a thousand dollars. However, Jupiter Jones insisted that he give the money to Ramos and his nephew. Using that money, Ramos was able to return to his native village in Mexico, where he was "getting his health back".

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