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The shack that Ramos Sanchez rented for twenty dollars a month, had an old greenhouse, with a lot of glass broken.[1]


When Sanchez had come to California, he was told by someone about a shack with an old greenhouse, and a lot of glass broken. After renting it at twenty dollars a month, he fixed the greenhouse with old tins cans that were pounded out flat, and grew some flowers, including rare ones, outside.[1]

One day, a "tall, thin man", John Silver came to the shack, seeking a shelter. Requesting Ramos for a shelter, the Mexican peddler agreed to let Silver stay.[2]


After Carlos Sanchez had told them about Claudius' car, The Three Investigators took him in their Rolls-Roys sedan to his uncle's shack. When they reached there, they saw Claudius trying to force Carlos' uncle to remember the people to whom he sold the parrots. Thinking that he was trying to attack Ramos, when Claudius was actually trying to help him, the four boys attacked Claudius, who was able to escape.[3]

After chasing Claudius, Carlos told the three sleuths everything about John Silver and Claudius he knew.[4]


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