The Rent-'n'-Ride Auto Rental Company is the automobile rental agency, for which Worthington[1] and Fitch[2] worked. Few days before the the sleuths started investigating the Terror Castle, the agency had conducted a contest in which the competitors had to guess the most approximate amount of beans in a jar, that they kept in their window. Jupiter Jones had spent three days calculating the area of the jar, and the number of beans that could be kept in it. He won the contest, and won the reward of having a Rolls-Roys sedan, and a chauffeur free for thirty days.[1] After the thirty days were over, August August, one of the sleuths' clients, provided them with enough money to continue using the sedan.[3] It is known that Carlos Sanchez works there, polishing and washing the agency's cars. Claudius had also hired his grey sedan from this agency, when he came to California.[2]

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