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Rolls-Roys sedan
  Type  Automobile  
  Current Owner  Rent-'n'-Ride Auto Rental Company  
  Previous Owner  An unnamed Arabian sheikh  
  Use  To travel, used by The Three Investigators  

Jupiter Jones was granted the use of a Rolls-Roys sedan and a chauffeur for thirty days, as he had won a contest organized by the Rent-'n'-Ride Auto Rental Company. The aim of the contest was to find the most approximate amount of beans in a jar full of beans, that they kept in their window. Jupiter had taken three days to calculate the area of the jar, and calculating the number of beans. The sedan was won a day before the The Three Investigators started on their first case.[1]

The sedan was used by the sleuths for reaching locations in their investigations. Worthington drove the sedan always, except once, when Fitch drove it. The car was also used as a decoy at times, when the sleuths used their salvage yard truck. This was because the Rolls-Roys sedan was easier to spot, and it would be followed, rather than the truck, so that the sleuths could travel without being followed.

After the month had ended, the investigators almost lost the usability of he car, until one of their clients, August August, provided enough money for them to continue using it.[2]

The sedan was originally made for a "rich Arabian sheikh of luxurious tastes". He, however, stopped using the automobile for unknown reasons, and the agency, after acquiring it in some way, "mostly used it for publicity purposes".


In one of the German books it is revealed that it's licence plate is RR-2930.