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The Three Investigators is the titular detective firm, consisting of Jupiter Jones, Peter Crenshaw, and Bob Andrews, with Jupiter being considered its leader. Jupiter, as the First Investigator, was in charge of planning. Pete, as the Second Investigator, was in charge of all operations regarding and requiring althletic prowess. Bob was in change of researching information about cases, and was given the designation, "Records and Research".[1]

As their motto, "We Investigate Anything", suggested, they were ready to solve any mystery that came to them.[1] After solving the mystery of the appearance of the green ghost, Chief Reynolds of the Rocky Beach police, pleased with them, gave each of them special deputy cards, so that they could have little legimacy, and they would not seem suspicious when trying to solve a case.[2]

For the first month after their formation, they were driven to the places they had to go to investigate, by Worthington in the Rolls-Roys sedan that Jupiter had won in a contest conducted by the Rent-'n'-Ride Auto Rental Company.[1] After the month ended, August August, one of the sleuths' clients, provided them with enough money to continue using the sedan.[3]

Plot Edit


Business card Edit

"We Investigate Anything"
?  ?  ?

First Investigator.............. Jupiter Jones
Second Investigator......... Peter Crenshaw
Records and Research.... Bob Andrews

Special deputy cards Edit

This certifies that the bearer is a Volunteer Junior
Assistant Deputy cooperating with the police force
of Rocky Beach. Any assistance given him will be
(Signed) Samuel Reynolds
Chief of Police

References Edit

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