Huganay (also spelled as Hugenay) was an international art thief, who was clever enough to smoothly escape arrest at least four times. He first met The Three Investigators when they were returning after being convinced by Claudius that Billy had returned. He was later helped by Skinny Norris in finding Claudius and the sleuths, and possessed all the parrots except Blackbeard.[1]

When the sleuths had used Bob Andrews as a decoy, one of his henchmen had noticed that only one person (Bob) was in the Rolls-Royce sedan. Huganay, being quick to react, reached the grave, just as Jupiter Jones and Peter Crenshaw were about to get the painting. After both investigators escaped, thanks to a lead pipe, Huganay realized that the painting was in the pipe, and phoned the sleuths, saying that he had accepted defeat. He was actually the one who made them realize that they had the painting with them.[1]

He can easily be one of the, if not the most, most intellectual people the sleuths have ever met in their mysteries and adventures. He was able to solve the riddles of the parrots' speech as quickly as Jupiter, who is very intellectual himself, and was even able to find where the painting was (in the lead pipe cinch), and if it were not for his phone call, the sleuths would not have realized that the painting was in the lead pipe cinch.[1] A month or more later, when the sleuths and Huganay met again, he proved to be a very intellectual person, again, when he fooled the police by having his assistants wear New York Police Department uniforms to control Bob's captors, as he would be arrested if he used Los Angeles uniforms. Also, as said by him, he had apparently fooled the police of three continents.[2]

In both the cases he met the boys, he was shown to have hired some henchmen, like Adams and Lester, to help him in things.

Trivia Edit

  • In The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot, his name is spelled with an "a"; "Huganay". However, in The Mystery of the Screaming Clock, his name is spelled with an "e"; Hugenay.
  • He is the only antagonist in the series to appear in more than one book, The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot, and The Mystery of the Screaming Clock and some German books. However, he was more of a deuteragonist, helping the sleuths, the main characters, in the second book he appeared in.

References Edit

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